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We are finally open!

October 23, 2014

As some of you already know, and after months of preparation, opening day finally came on Sunday, August 31st. We had spent weeks unpacking our collections, removing the construction dust from our displays, placing our finds in beautiful vignettes, and bringing them to life in the right lighting. We still had a few computer kinks to work out and price stickers to apply, but it was 'now or never'.

A few friendly neighbours knocked that morning, so we weren't surprised when a young couple and their baby tried to come in before we opened up at noon. Unfortunately, their response to my "can you give a few more moments?", was, "Your building is on FIRE!". A reasonable amount of panic ensued and 3 fire trucks later, all was resolved. A huge thank you to my husband Graham, for rushing up to the second floor with a bucket to douse what was apparently a smoldering cigarette butt in the eaves.

The opening was only delayed for an hour, and we are now quietly welcoming neighbourhood residents, restaurant goers, and Roncesvalles passers-by alike. Cookery's store sign will come with the rebuilding of the eaves and building fascia, but the door is OPEN!

As we were hoping, our first few customers are as excited about learning from Chef Jessica Roberts as we are! The September / October curriculum is set and ready for sign-up and feedback from the community. Eventually we'd like all classes to be community driven, but for now, we'll start here and adjust as we go, with your support.

Please visit for details on our first series of classes: •Cookery 101: A series of practical basics for new home cooks, serious skills applied to delicious recipes
•Weekday Gourmet: Impressive recipes that enthusiastic home cooks can add to their weeknights to surprise & delight their families and guests, in less than an hour
•Seasonal Sensations: Classes that will prepare you for the seasonal festivities to come, adding variety & excitement to your traditional meals
•Global Getaways: Adventurous dishes inspired by global cuisine - made with ingredients available right here at home
Class participation is limited to 6 participants per class and is first come, first served. Please visit the website for class details & to email Jessica for sign-up - better yet, stop by the store.
The first few weeks will be exciting as we get your feedback on our collections, get the webstore up and running, and build classes around your needs. Come in and join us, the journey has begun...


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