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Maison Berger Paris Home Fragrances "Oriental Dreams" Collection

The Oriental Dreams collection from Maison Berger is characterized by aromas of spice and wood, conjuring sensations of blissful serenity. Each 500 ml bottle of fragrance lasts for 80 hours.

Magnificent Vetiver

LIMITED EDITION. A prestigious and modern fragrance, a fresh woody scent, an enticing journey to discover the Vetiver sophistication. A sensual and warm fragrance with masculine facets. Magnificent Vetiver, the new mythical home fragrance by Maison Berger.

Mystery Patchouli

A sensual and modern composition of patchouli notes accompanied by soft and warm harmonies that waft from vanilla and amber. A genuine invitation to well-being and comfort.

Amber Powder

This sensual fragrance begins with the subtlety of a rose, then offers an enjoyment of lily of the valley and vanilla scents, and finishes with a touch of captivating amber and patchouli.

Heavenly Spruce

A spicy and woody fragrance. A mixture of woody notes and zestées for a warm atmosphere.


A sensual fragrance that combines the magic of spices to the subtlety of the woody oil heated in the sun.

Virginia Cedarwood

A bright and natural fragrance, with cypress and cedar woody notes, enhanced with the freshness of citrus fruits. 


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