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Wusthof Classic Cook's Knife 8" w/ Magnetic Blade Guard

WÜSTHOF precision forged knives are goods of only the highest quality. 
Painstakingly manufactured, these knives are pure fun to work with and will turn the preparation of every dish into a culinary pleasure.

  • The cook's knife is the most important tool in the kitchen.
  • The wide, curved blade is ideal for cutting, slicing, dicing and carving.
  • Forged from a single piece of chromium-molybdenum-vanadium blade steel (X50 Cr MoV 15).
  • The ergonomically shaped handles – feature three durable rivets.
  • Note: Cook’s knives may be very robust, but they are sharpened to a particularly thin edge. They should on no account be used for chopping through bones, but only for slicing.

This set comes with the WÜSTHOF blade guard, which is a convenient and safe way to protect your knives when stored in your kitchen or when traveling. A folding mechanism allows for easy opening and closing of the protector.

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