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Global Takashi 10-Pc Knife & Block set

For any homecook, this set of knives in a beautiful wood block is all you'll need to do all manner of chopping, cutting, slicing, and peeling. Made in Japan from the finest quality stainless steel, they are ice-tempered and hardened so that the razor-sharp edge stays that way longer and resists rust, stains, and corrosion. Lightweight and comfortable to hold, these should only be used on wooden cutting surfaces for maximum efficiency and longest life. We recommend washing your Takashi set by hand and having them sharpened periodically. 

Set Includes:
- G2 20cm / 8-in Chef's
- G9 22cm / 8.5-in Bread
- G21 16cm / 6.25-in Flexible Boning
- G74 22cm / 8.5-in Ceramic Sharpening Rod
- GS5 14cm / 5.5-in Vegetable
- GS6 10cm / 4-in Paring Straight Knife
- GSF15 8cm / 3-in Peeler
- GSF22 11cm / 4.25-in Utility
- GKS210 Kitchen Shears
- Wooden Knife Block

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