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Meet Chef Paula Bambrick

Chef Paula’s popular teaching style projects an enthusiastic ‘can do’ approach in the kitchen, and an obvious love of cooking and eating. Her recipes, clear and simple, reflect an thorough knowledge of products, sources and techniques. She celebrates good food, distinguishing it from current food trends and celebrity diets and reveals the true joy in cooking. With over 30 years of professional cooking, teaching and kitchen management experience and a Culinary Management Honours diploma from George Brown College Paula recently completed the Professional Fromager Program at George Brown College.

Working for 8 years as a baker and then on the management team at Dufflet Pastries, product testing, recipe development, and demonstrations for corporate clients are now a part of her successful consulting business, Personal Chef, along with her real love, teaching. One of the original instructors at Loblaws Cooking Schools in 1997, Paula continues to study, develop and deliver hands-on and demonstration courses at various venues.  As an avid gardener she has been “eating local” for over 20 years. Growing heirloom tomatoes, mesclun salad greens, fresh herbs, and a variety of vegetables contribute freshness, great taste, and understanding, to her personal and professional kitchens.  “Good food, good for you” is her philosophy.


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