Lampe Berger Paris Lamp Box Set

Each boxed set includes everything you need to discover the beauty and purity of Lampe Berger: a lamp, its own specially selected fragrance (180 ml), wick-burner, straight mounting, snuffer, and funnel.

Oval Rose

The Oval Rose catalysis lamp comes in soft pink. Its powdery and feminine colour, combined with its soft shape, makes it a trendy and bright model. Presented in a boxed set with a 180 ml bottle of Fresh Linen, a light & invigorating home fragrance. 


A new, modern and refined lamp shape in glass for this fragrance diffuser. The word Berlingot evokes sweets and the bright colours of this lamp follow this theme. A trendy look which will fit in perfectly in young interiors. This lamp is presented with a 180ml bottle of Eclatante Bergamot.

Frosted Oval

An original Lampe Berger model in frosted glass. Presented in a boxed set with a 180 ml bottle of Zest of Verbena, a sparkling and lemony fragrance.

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