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Lodge 12' Deep Skillet

The Lodge Logic 12" Deep Skillet is a versatile, multi-functional pan. With an added inch of depth, the 12" skillet is great for recipes requiring a little more room. This cast iron pan is safe for use on all cooking surfaces such as electric, gas and induction stovetops, oven, open fire and the grill. It is Foundry-seasoned for a natural, easy-release surface that actually improves with each use. Properly cared for, this Lodge Logic skillet will last a lifetime. The extra depth is great for simmering soups or baking casseroles without worry of spilling over. Use it when your recipe requires a little more room than found in a standard size skillet. The Lodge Logic 12" Deep Skillet is a necessity for large family meals, like fried fish, and is the perfect choice for a large batch of chicken and dumplings. Don't forget to try it for baking and it will soon be your new favorite bread pan. 

Type: Skillets

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