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Lodge Cast Iron Melting Pot

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Made from cast iron, this pot can be used on a gas, electric, induction, or ceramic stovetop, in the oven, or even on a grill or campfire. This gives you the option to start cooking on the stovetop and move the pot to the oven or grill, or vice versa, depending on the recipe. It is not microwave safe. Iron can reach very high temperatures, so remember to have your mitts handy before handling the pot. The pot features pouring spouts on both sides, which make it easier to pour liquids without spilling. There is a common thought that cast iron pots and pans are difficult to maintain. That’s not true. With just a few simple steps, you can have this pot clean and ready to be stored until the next use. After every use, wash the pot in hot or warm water; please avoid harsh detergents, soaps, metal scrubbers, and dish washers as these can harm the seasoning. Dry the pot with a towel, apply a layer of oil, and store. This oil layer will prevent the formation of rust. Use the Lodge Cast Iron Melting Pot to make sauces or syrups for the special dishes on your menu today and everyday.

Key Features of the Lodge Cast Iron Melting Pot:

  • Cast Iron Body: has good retention and dispersal of heat, allowing even cooking and can be used on different heat mediums like gas, electric, grill, and campfire 
  • Durable: when cared for well, it can last for decades
  • Pouring Spouts: make it easy to pour out liquids without spilling

Technical Specifications

  • L: 9.313"
  • W: 5.438"
  • H: 2.875"
  • Made in USA