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Lodge Cast Iron Mini Cake Pan


This special pan from Lodge is made from very durable material and with proper care it will stay in your family for decades. With its seven individual sections, you can make sure that everyone gets equal portions, so you won’t have people fighting over bigger pieces at your table. When you look at the advantages of cooking with cast iron ware, there are many. To begin with, the material is considered ideal for baking because it can retain and disperse heat very well. This pan can also infuse the goodness of iron into the foods you prepare in it and as you all know, iron is an essential nutrient. It also features handles on either ide, making it easy to carry. If you are a creative baker, we are sure that you will come up with numerous uses for the Lodge Cast Iron Mini Cake Pan.

Key Features of the Lodge Cast Iron Mini Cake Pan:

  • 7 Sections: allow you to produce individual servings of desserts, brownies, biscuits, and more 

  • Two Handles: make it easy to carry/move the pan

  • Cast Iron Body: has good retention an dispersal of heat, allowing even cooking and can be used on different heat mediums like gas, electric, grill, and campfire. 

  • Durable: when cared for well, it can last for decades

  • Seasoned with Vegetable Oil in the Foundry: allows you to use the pan as soon as you buy it and offers easy-release finish

Technical Specifications

  • L: 12.875"

  • W: 11.313"

  • H: 1.125"

  • Diameter of Each Cavity: 3.313"

  • Made in USA