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Matthews Studio Black Ash Bowls


These exquisite bowls are sourced and turned by the Matthews Studio in rural Eastern Ontario. Each bowl is hand carved and turned individually, creating a unique wood piece with its own colouring and characteristics. These Red Maple bowls are available in 3 sizes and are a beautiful addition to your tabletop, perfect for serving salads, breads, pastas, and fruit or simply as a decorative show piece for your home. 

Your bowl will require only minimal care to retain its natural beauty and functionality. Simply hand wash in soapy water and towel or air dry. Avoid soaking in water and prior to use, wax or oil your bowl using Canola oil, mineral oil, any refined coconut oil & rice wax (Caron & Doucet) or beeswax based salad bowl finish. 

Wax or oil your bowl….

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