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Mauviel Copper Frying Pan


Mauviel manufactures professional cookware for people who love to cook. Their products are renowned in the professional world, with over a century of experience and a product of the utmost quality allows Mauviel to continue its strong manufacturing tradition.

Mauviel offers an extensive assortment of cookware products for the home chef and professional chef. Mauviel cookware will bring pleasure and efficiency to any kitchen.

  • Copper heats more evenly and much faster than other metals
  • Copper offers superior cooking control because it heats up and cools down very quickly
  • Cooking with copper is low to moderate heat cooking that contributes to superior food flavour
  • Unlined copper is the best material for stabilizing egg whites when beating, or to keep melted sugar from crystallizing
  • Mauviel cookware can be used on gas (unless indicated), electric and halogen stove tops, and under the broiler and in the oven
  • 30 cm / 11.87"