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Wusthof Aeon 7" Hollow Grand Santoku Knife


AEON is Wüsthof’s most exclusive series to date, with only 1,500 pieces available worldwide for each knife. The exquisite handles are crafted from 3,249-year-old bog oak which has been authenticated by the International Chemical Analysis Inc. in Florida, USA. The blades are coated with a high-tech DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) coating, which is used in the aviation industry as well as on the pistons of race cars. Wüsthof AEON is a true masterpiece, manufactured entirely in Solingen, Germany.

The Aeon 7” Hollow Ground Santoku is Wüsthof’s most unique blade shape specifically designed to complement the other two pieces in the Aeon series. As a mix between a Chai Dao, traditional santoku, and cook’s knife; the Aeon Santoku is a true blend between Japanese and German design.  With its versatile shape, weight and edge, the blade’s wide curved belly creates the perfect rocking motion for chopping, slicing and mincing meats, seafood, vegetables and small herbs.  Featuring a hollow ground edge, the dimples on the knife create small air pockets allowing food to easily slide away from the blade. The extremely sharp edge of the knife allows regular cuts to wafer-thin slices for all cutting techniques and food preparation tasks- an indispensable knife in any kitchen.

  • Only 1,500 pieces available worldwide (contains card with edition number)
  • 3,249-year-old Bog Oak Handle (Certificate of Authenticity)
  • Blades are coated with DLC (Diamond Like Carbon)
  • Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium Steel
  • 58° Blade Rockwell Hardness
  • 104° Surface Rockwell Hardness
  • The Hollow Ground edge reduces food from sticking to the blade of the knife
  • 7” Hollow Ground Santoku designed for chopping, cutting and mincing all types of meat, vegetables, fruit, and herbs
  • Exquisite craftsmanship meets state-of-the-art technology