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Zick Zick Rotary Chopper

The Zyliss "Zick-Zick" 2 Food Chopper is one tool with many uses. It delivers exceptional consistent chopping and dicing of fresh produce, nuts, chocolate, onions, shallots and more thanks to even rotation with every push down on the easygrip plunger. Even chopping means even cooking. No need to pull out a measuring cup after chopping with the Zick-Zick 2; Zyliss provides measurement markings on the clean lower body of the Zick-Zick 2 chopper. “Wiper” blades on the interior optimize chopping performance. A winged, clamshell-hinged lower body opens to allow for easy blade access and cleaning. A soft-touch, non-slip plunger locks down when not in use and makes for compact storage – reducing the chopper height by 25 percent. A blade cover protects the blade and hands, and does double-duty thanks to an integrated scraper element to round up stray chopped items.

  • Rotating blade action ensures smooth and even chopping results 
  • Wiper blades keep food central, ensuring continuous chopping 
  • Improved sweeper blade 
  • Winged lower body opens for easy clean 
  • Soft-touch plunger locks down for compact storage 
  • Detachable cup for collecting chopped foods 
  • Removable base for chopping direct to board 
  • High quality stainless steel blade 
  • Dishwasher safe

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