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The best nonstick cookware EVER!

The best nonstick cookware EVER!

We're all doing a ton of cooking these days, on top of everything else! So it's critical that our tools do what they are supposed to do, are super easy to care for, and last for a decade!  Over the last few months, so many of you have told us about your sad, old, scratched, no-longer-non-stick, 'I'm nervous about this one' pans.

We worked really hard to find non-stick pans that do what they claim, and last longer than a few years!  And SCANPAN from Denmark is one of our very favourites!  We have select SCANPANs on sale so you can try this incredible cookware for yourself.

SCANPAN has been a Cookery favourite since opening our first shop in 2014, we know this cookware is amazing because we all use it, love it, and we hear the same from our customers.

SCANPAN cookware is designed and manufactured by a family company in Denmark.  They make PFOA-free cookware, often using 100% recycled metals. We feel good knowing we're using safe cookware to feed our families and we're thrilled to share it with you.

Did we mention ScanPans are dishwasher and oven safe?

Call or visit us in store, we're here to help!
Alison & the team at Cookery
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