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Monthly Toronto Knife Sharpening Service

Good knives become great knives with regular service.  Both honing and sharpening your knives regularly will keep them feeling sharp, making them your favourite tool in the kitchen.

After a brief COVID-19 hiatus, we are back on with Knife Sharpening in Toronto as of April 28/29th (2020) drop-offs per below.

New requirements for Colleague & Customer Safety during COVID-19:

- All knives must have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before being dropped off at Cookery.  Please wipe them with a disinfectant (ie Lysol wipe or spray) or diluted bleach / water solution before dropping them off.

- All knives must be wrapped in a clean Kitchen Towel / Tea Towel (multiple knives in one towel ok as long as the knives are not exposed, must be fully wrapped) before being dropped off at Cookery.  

- Sharpening colleagues sanitize their hands before opening every 'knife in towel' package, after each sharpening. 

- Each knife is bathed in a water & rubbing alcohol solution after being sharpened and before being returned to its 'Kitchen Towel wrapping'.


Please note monthly timing:

* Drop off for Cookery Roncesvalles is 4th Tuesday of every month before 6pm.
* Drop off for Uptown Yonge is 4th Wednesday of every month before 6pm.

* Pick up for Cookery Roncesvalles is the following Thursday before 6pm.
* Pick up for Cookery Uptown Yonge is the following Friday before 6pm.


Rates: Please note price changes

$1.35 per inch for straight blades

$2.25 per inch for serrated blades

Scissors $9 minimum ($1.35 per inch for each side)

Minor repairs like a missing tip, $5; $10+ for major repairs - for discussion at the time of drop-off.



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