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When Everything's the Same...Cook Something New

When Everything's the Same...Cook Something New

Consistency is important during these tumultuous times - keeping a solid routine helps us deal with the uncertainty and anxiety.  But too much of the same thing is boring and uninspiring.  To balance, we're introducing small & simple new things that fit with your routine: little things to freshen things up, spark a little joy, add a little new life!

A new hobby, a new route to walk, a new book, author or series, a new show to stream...

A new cooking method, a new series of ingredients, a new recipe, a new knife, pan or pot to revive your cooking routine. 

We can't travel but we can take a trip across the globe with the inspired new dishes in our newest Cooking Classes. Take your 8-12 year-olds to China with homemade Dim Sum, and Thailand for some legendary street food in our Flavours Of Bangkok class. Teens will explore Asia and the Spice Route with us through February.  And later this winter, adults can try Indian, French, or Moroccan cooking. 

To inject some fun, community, and variety into your weekly meal planning, we have amazing new cooking classes to inspire you in the kitchen.  And as always, we have a wonderful selection of kitchen essentials to make cooking all of your meals a joy. 

Be sure to share your new trials and adventures in the kitchen with us @cookerystore 

We look forward to adventuring with you in the kitchen.
Alison & the team at Cookery

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