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Murchison-Hume Effortless Floor Cleaner

Sweeping’s only half the story. If you want a truly clean floor, you have to get wet. Well, damp, anyway. Safe for use on all types of floors from wood to marble to terrazzo. Now with a handy trigger to target spills, in your spray mop or a bucket of warm water for the whole floor. No rinsing, no waxing, no worries. Now, wasn’t that easy?

Perfect for use with mops or on it's own. Cuts through grime without rinsing, leaving a naturally clean, non-sticky floor.

Directions: Spritz directly onto floor and wipe dry. For spray mops, pour directly into reservoir bottle. For mopping, add a generous splash to a bucket of warm water. Safe for use on all types of floors.

Yes. :)

17oz pump.

Made in USA

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