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SAME DAY/NEXT DAY delivery $15 within Toronto & Montreal. FREE shipping on all orders $125+ in Ontario & Quebec.


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The ZWILLING ENFINIGY Thermal Carafe keeps coffee hot for hours, without burning it, so you can enjoy pure coffee flavor any time of the day. The thermal carafe’s double-walled, stainless-steel body maintains the temperature of your beverage, while the outside remains comfortably cool to the touch.

This thoughtfully designed 10-cup capacity drip coffee maker ensures the ideal time and temperature setting for brewing the highest-quality coffee. It features a powerful shower head that moistens coffee grounds thoroughly and evenly, a pre-programmed blooming function that develops a smoother, less sour-flavored coffee, and a high-temperature, corrosion-resistant stainless-steel boiler, superior to copper and aluminum boilers, that will never alter the flavor of brewing water. This sleekly designed coffee maker is available in black or silver.

The innovative ZWILLING family of coffee electrics delivers full bodied, smooth tasting brews for coffee lovers with discerning tastes.

  • 10-cup capacity thermal carafe available in silver or black
  • Double-walled, insulated, stainless-steel thermal carafe maintains the temperature of coffee, while remaining cool to the touch on the outside
  • Unique Stainless-Steel Boiler: Highly corrosion resistant and won’t alter the taste of brew water, as compared to copper and aluminum boilers.
  • Extra-wide carafe opening for easy interior cleaning
  • Wide stainless-steel shower head for even coffee ground moistening, a key first step in the blooming process to extract maximum flavor from coffee grounds
  • Pre-programmed blooming function – releases carbon dioxide from coffee grounds for a smoother, less sour taste
  • Timer function that lets you set when you want your coffee to start brewing
  • Cleaning alert function notifies you when it’s time to descale your coffee maker
  • Awarded the prestigious SCA Golden Cup Standard, the Specialty Coffee Association’s highest prize for quality brewers.

      Customer Reviews

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      Gorgeous and makes sublime coffee!

      This has been such a welcome upgrade in my kitchen. Finally coffee that I fully enjoy every time, and that ’m proud to serve to others. I also bought the Zwilling coffee grinder at the same time, and the two items work so well together. A solid purchase!