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Shun Premier Chef 6"

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Chef knives are a personal choice. That’s why Shun offers so many different lines and blade lengths.   Some cooks prefer a long length, others prefer a shorter length. For cooks who enjoy the lightweight nimbleness of a shorter blade, Shun offers the Premier 6-in. Chef’s Knife. It performs all the tasks you would want in a chef’s knife, from slicing, dicing, and chopping to making rocking cuts through herbs, yet it also offers the quick, agile performance and high degree of control that a slightly smaller knife can provide.

The Shun Premier Chef 6" Knife is part of the beautiful Shun Premier line, calling to mind the hand-forged knives of ancient Japan. Each knife still takes at least 100 handcrafted steps to complete, but the materials Shun uses are among the most advanced in the industry. Each blade has a cutting core of Shun's proprietary VG-MAX “super steel” to hold a precision edge. The layered Damascus cladding supports the core and provides additional stain resistance.