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Finding Simple Comfort in Warm Hearty Meals

Finding Simple Comfort in Warm Hearty Meals

Thinking of food as self-care, is nothing new.  Whether it's fresh & light, cleansing & detoxifying, full of protein, high in hydration, low in sugar or salt, or warm & hearty - food has been used for addressing health goals forever.  Food builds the body and fuels the soul, it impacts both our physical and mental health.

So in this cold, cooped-up, complicated, mentally demanding, health challenging month - comfort food is our answer.  Let's do thick sauces and soup bases, bold flavours, warm spices, rich meats or hearty beans.  Let's mix in healthful greens, splash in citrus or heat, side it with soulful sourdoughs or dense multigrains, add to it with flaky pastry or panbreads.  Let's feed our way out of January.

Whether one pot or multi-pot, we have all of the tools you need to build comfort in the kitchen for yourself, or your tiny little group at home.  Need adventure, a break in the routine, or just a little change? Try one of our 'perfect for January' cookbooks.

If you are wondering how the latest COVID announcements have impacted us - it's in small but important ways: 

  • More mask wearing - please put it on before you come to the door!
  • More team safety measures inside the shops - even more distancing
  • Please step back from the door to chat with us, at least 6 feet please (yes, PLUS a mask :)
  • Please continue to support us - our curbside and delivery is OPEN everyday 

Stay well, be comforted!

Alison & the team at Cookery

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