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Alison's Sourdough STARTER

Sold out

We are making Sourdough Starter to share with the Cookery community.  Whether you are coming to class on May 21st, 2020 or simply want to start baking your own sourdough at home, we are here to help.

This is an inaugural effort, the introductory price may not last depending on demand and the resources required to deliver.  Buy NOW to take advantage of our introductory price!

Includes a standard 1L mason jar with enough of Alison's Active Sourdough Starter to get you started.  You will be emailed instructions on how to maintain it, as well as Alison's recipe for Beginner Artisanal Sourdough.

Please choose store pick-up at Roncesvalles or Yonge wherever possible.  This will be a happy NO CONTACT exchange - when you arrive, keeping social distance, our store operator will deposit your sanitized package on the doorstep for you to pick-up.  :)