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It's Back to School...Again

It's Back to School...Again

And here we go again! Back to school...

To say the absolute least, this school year has been an uncertain time for everyone, we are currently living in History book pages that future students will learn from! 
At Cookery, we see the sacrifices everyone has had to make - especially young people, many of whom have struggled through missing milestone events, connections with friends and teachers, many at pivotal points in their education.  We know how difficult this time is for everyone.
No matter how you are coping, we know you are doing your best! If you haven't heard this lately, thank you for everything you are doing.  
If you are choosing to send your kids back to school when they reopen next week in Toronto, do you have everything you need to make the transition from home back to class? If you are in Montreal and your kids have been in all along, its a good time for a check in on your supplies!
Stay warm, stay safe and keep going! 
Alison & the team at Cookery

Shop all back to School...Again

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